Communication strategies

Strategy provides the basis for targeted and timely communication and ensures stakeholder support for the goals of a company, business or idea. To be effective, we will help you to identify your audience, articulate what you want to say and its purpose, integrate various media channels and communication tools, and choose the most appropriate way to be heard successfully.

Reputation and corporate communication

They say, this is the era of reputation. Or reliability. In other words, reputation is credibility. It's hard to get, easy to lose. Especially in an age when most people have an opinion and it is easy to make it public. We will help you not to get confused, and to gradually and purposefully improve everything that builds and influences your reputation. Nowadays it is not just about the leader, the reputation of the organization is made by everyone involved in it, your communication, attitude, behaviour.

Marketing communication

Theories speak of this as the “age of consumers”. It means just one thing – people are increasingly choosing products, services, brands, even ideas and their “heroes” in direct contact. The human experience becomes important if you want to be noticed, loved and chosen. That's why we help you to create stories, events, and highlight the uniqueness that will make your product or service stand out.

Media relations

Diverse professional experience, contacts, and familiarity with a rapidly changing media environment are the advantages that allow Ogilvy PR Latvia to build successful and, above all, relevant publicity for a brand, business or idea. Skilfully made stories are a big part of this success. However, while anyone with a phone can grab a lot of attention for a moment, fact-based understanding on the impact of different media channels is crucial to successful opinion-shaping.


Events that are noticeable, surprising, and designed for different audiences are one way of reaching out to your audience, conveying your story and being heard. We design and organize media, B2B partner, product/service marketing events, press conferences, lectures, thematic conferences, providing guest and media presence. In any team employees are your first reputation builders, so we recommend that you do not underestimate the importance of internal events as well!

Interest representation

Knowing different influential environments and contacts allows us to help you change or create conditions and environment that is suited to your growth and success. We offer targeted and timely relationships with impact groups - long-term mutual trust not only helps to maintain a reputation, but also provides a better understanding, ensures support, and eases communication in crisis situations.

Crisis management and communication

Unplanned and unexpected, yet crises happen and affect reputation, business, sometimes even people's lives. They cannot be 100% prepared for, but you can analyse, mitigate, and proactively address the risks associated with operating a company, institution, brand. We offer our expertise and knowledge, including “keeping a level head”, both to develop plans for crisis situations and to provide support and advice during crisis management.

Social media strategy and management

With the advancement of technology and the emergence of social media, the way people choose goods, services, brands or make decisions about things that interest them has changed dramatically. The role of traditional media has changed, and personal recommendations have grown in importance. In this new environment, we help you to not get lost in the many different media platforms, to use them for your own benefit, to reach your audience with digital solutions, and to gain and retain their loyalty and support.

Creating content

In a time of overflowing information (and sometimes misinformation), a meaningful, understandable, and engaging story has a special value - it is noticed, understood and read correctly, shared, and appreciated, including by traditional and social media. Outstanding content is one of the keys to successful communication. That's why we help to form and bring to life brand values, product specifications, people's ideas, and personal or business attitudes in these stories, and do it in a way that engages audiences.